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Some examples of European highlights :

The old city of Heidelberg is well known for its famous Castle, the beautiful Old Town and the picturesque surroundings, nestled between the river Neckar and the edge of the Odenwald. Heidelberg has Germany's oldest university and you can still breathe the university atmosphere during a walk through the Old Town with its bars and restaurants. It also has one of the longest pedrestrian zones in Europe you can walk and relax on the hills near the Castle. > more
Vienna is the capital of Austria and also its largest city. 1.6 million inhabitans live in this town full of royal history located on the Danube. Different kingships and dynasties like the Habsburgers once ruled the city. Today Vienna comes to mind if you are talking about music. Many composers lived here like Mozart or Johann Strauss (1804 - 1848), composer of the Radetzky March. > more
Not far from Amsterdam you can find the Zaanse Schans - a typical residential area at the river Zaan. With its green wooden houses and several windmills dating from the 17th and 18th century you have an impression how people lived here before. But even today people live here. You can visit museums, shops, windmills and a typical wooden shoe shop here. > more
Lisbon is the capital of Portugal and has about 2.7 million citizens. Like the Italian city Rome, Lisbon is built on seven hills. Many different civilizations from the Romans and Celts to the Germanic tribes have influenced the culture and architecture of Lisbon. The Baixa (The Downtown) with its network of squares and its grid-system is going to have the status of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. > more
Rothenburg was founded in the 12th century. The visitor finds the very picturesque town, lying on the steep escarpment of the river Tauber in the Franconian part of Bavaria. The well preserved town center with its idyllic lanes and narrow alleys, squares and houses attracts many tourists throughout the year. Visitors can enjoy the medieval gabeled houses, churches, town keep and wall of defence. Rothenburgs appeal lies in the interaction and subtle combination of the pituresque medieval idyll and modern life. > more

Topics that have been updated recently
Paris (updated 01/24/14)
Paris is the capital of France and represents a melting pot between history, art and culture on one side and of lifestyle and shopping on the other. Paris is the most frequently visited city in the world. Paris offers more than 180 museums and monuments. Starting from the Romans over to the medieval churches, the classical architecture to the time of Napoleon and finally Modern Art, everything can be found in Paris.
Pisa (updated 01/24/14)
Pisa is a very famous city in Italy because of its Leaning Tower(Italien: Torre pendente). The city of Pisa has about 90,000 inhabitants and is capital of the Province of Pisa.
Rome (updated 01/24/14)
As the capital of Italy, Rome is a historic city full of art, churches, monuments and palazzi. You can describe Rome as a gigantic open air museum because every stone tells a story. Not only tourists come to Rome every year but also pilgrims to visit the pope, head of the catholic church.
Milan (updated 01/24/14)
Milan (Italien: Milano) is located in the north of Italy and is the second biggest city of Italy with around 1.3 million inhabitants. Milan is Italien's center for fashion and design. Most interesting sights in Milan are the Milan Cathedral and the opera.
Cologne (updated 11/01/13)
Cologne is Germany's oldest major city is famous for its innumerable cultural and historical highlights such as the cathedral (Kölner Dom), the famous museums or the modern aspects such as shopping on the "Hohe Strasse" or the film studios where one third of all German TV productions come from.